ORACLE Waterproof Squared Halo w/ 20W ORACLE LED Spot Light

ORACLE Waterproof Squared Halo w/ 20W ORACLE LED Spot Light
  • $109.95

ORACLE Waterproof Squared²™ Halo w/ 20W ORACLE LED Spot Light

ORACLE Model # ORACLE Part # Color
XOFF-3MWPC-W 5777-001 White
XOFF-3MWPC-B 5777-002 Blue
XOFF-3MWPC-R 5777-003 Red
XOFF-3MWPC-G 5777-004 Green
XOFF-3MWPC-A 5777-005 Amber
XOFF-3MWPC-UV 5777-007 UV/Purple
XOFF-3MWPC-RGB 5777-333 ColorSHIFT

Product Description:
The new ORACLE Waterproof 3” Squared2 Halos can be installed onto any 3” Square Off-Road Lights. Revolutionary Waterproof design can operate in the worst possible conditions. Each square halo utilizes a hard resin outer shell with a silicone inner seal that protects the LEDs and components. Easily installs onto the outside of the lamp housing and is visible even with the LED lamp turned on! 

Square Halo Features:
• UV Resistant Hard Resin Outer Shell
• Waterproof Soft Silicone Inner Potting
• Easy Installation, Takes just Minutes!
• No Need to Remove Light Lens
• Will Not Void your Light Bar Warranty
• Six Color Options including ColorSHIFT
• ColorSHIFT Halos include Quick Connects
• Multi-Layer 3M Adhesive Backing
• Optimized High Density LED Spacing
• Fits all Standard 3" x 3" Cube LED Lights
• ORACLE Lifetime LED Warranty

*NOTE* ColorSHIFT Halos require a ColorSHIFT Controller to function properly. (ColorSHIFT Controller Not Included) Purchase Here

20W LED Square Spot Product Specs:
• Weight: 1 lb 5.6 oz
• Length: 3"
• Width: 3"
• Height: 3.5"
• Lens: PMMA
• Fitting: Universal
• Watts: 20
• Lumens: 2000 lm
• Lifespan: 50,000 hrs
• Material: Die Cast Aluminum
• Output: 4 x 5W High Powered CREE XT-E LEDS
• Operating Voltage: 10V-30V DC
• Waterproof Rating: IP67
• Power Draw: .9A @ 12V / .48A @ 24V
• ORACLE Off-Road Products are backed by a 2 Year Warranty.

Package Includes:
1 x ORACLE Waterproof Squared²™ Halo of your Color Choice
1 x ORACLE Off-Road 3" 20W LED Square Spot Light
Mounting Hardware
Waterproof Connectors

Single Color Vs ColorSHIFT:

3M Adhesive Backing: