ORACLE Waterproof Squared Halo-Single

ORACLE Waterproof Squared Halo-Single
  • $49.95

ORACLE Waterproof Squared²™ Halo - Single

ORACLE Model # ORACLE Part # Color
XOFF-3MWPH-W 5776-001 White
XOFF-3MWPH-B 5776-002 Blue
XOFF-3MWPH-R 5776-003 Red
XOFF-3MWPH-G 5776-004 Green
XOFF-3MWPH-A 5776-005 Amber
XOFF-3MWPH-UV 5776-007 UV/Purple
XOFF-3MWPH-RGB 5776-333 ColorSHIFT

Product Description:
The new ORACLE Waterproof 3” Squared2 Halos can be installed onto any 3” Square Off-Road Lights. Revolutionary Waterproof design can operate in the worst possible conditions. Each square halo utilizes a hard resin outer shell with a silicone inner seal that protects the LEDs and components. Easily installs onto the outside of the lamp housing and is visible even with the LED lamp turned on! 

Product Features:
• UV Resistant Hard Resin Outer Shell
• Waterproof Soft Silicone Inner Potting
• Easy Installation, Takes just Minutes!
• No Need to Remove Light Lens
• Will Not Void your Light Bar Warranty
• Six Color Options including ColorSHIFT
• ColorSHIFT Halos include Quick Connects
• Multi-Layer 3M Adhesive Backing
• Optimized High Density LED Spacing
• Fits all Standard 3" x 3" Cube LED Lights
• ORACLE Lifetime LED Warranty

*NOTE* ColorSHIFT Halos require a ColorSHIFT Controller to function properly. (ColorSHIFT Controller Not Included) Purchase Here

Package Includes:
1 x ORACLE Waterproof Squared²™ Halo of your Color Choice

Single Color Vs ColorSHIFT:

3M Adhesive Backing: