ORACLE LED Spot Light Pod- Single Pod

  • $19.95

ORACLE LED Spot Light Pod- Single Pod

Product Description:
The New ORACLE LED Pods are an excellent light source for illuminating any detail of your showcar! The SPOT Light Pods use an Intense, Focused, 25 degree beam. You can use these as Trunk Lights, Amp Lighting, Under Hood Accent Lighting, or even Underbody Lighting!

ORACLE Model # ORACLE Part # Color
1WLED-SPT-W 3207-001 White
1WLED-SPT-B 3207-002 Blue
1WLED-SPT-R 3207-003 Red
1WLED-SPT-G 3207-004 Green
1WLED-SPT-A 3207-005 Amber

The solid aluminum housing contains a Super-Bright 1 Watt LED bulb with a wide 120 degree output.

Easy to Install! Just connect to any 12V source!

Under-hood Illumination:

Trunk/Sound System Illumination: