ORACLE 3157 64 LED Switchback Bulb (Single)

  • $22.95

ORACLE 3157 64 LED Switchback Bulb (Single)

ORACLE Model # ORACLE Part # Color
315764SB 5014-005 Amber/White

This 3157 Switch-Back LED Bulb Features 60 High-Powered LEDs!

30pcs White and 30pcs Amber.

Easy to install, just remove the standard glass bulb and plug in this new bulb.

Whenever changing your Turn Signal Bulbs to LEDs you will need a Load Equalizer.

When in running light mode this bulb is white, switch on the turn signal to see the flashlight amber light.

Package Contents: x1 (One) SMD Bulb.

As with all of our LEDs this is a cool-running and high-efficiency type of light. It consumes LESS power and puts off LESS heat than the factory bulbs.

Here is a video demonstration: