ORACLE 3157 18 LED 3-Chip SMD Bulb (Single)

  • $9.95

ORACLE Model # ORACLE Part # Color
3157-18L3C-W 5103-001 Cool White
3157-18L3C-R 5103-003 Red
3157-18L3C-A 5103-005 Amber

3157 LED Bulb with 18 SMDs per Bulb.

These bulbs use BRIDGELUX Premium LEDs MADE IN THE USA!

Commonly used in Turn Signal Lights.
Package Content - 1 (One) SMD Bulb.

Please Specify Amber, Red, or White Color when ordering.

The ORACLE line of SMD replacement bulbs features an unsurpassed level of brightness and quality. This bulb utilizes 5050 SMD technology which produces vibrant light with sharp hues while consuming only 1/10th of the power of the factory bulb.

These 5050 SMD chips are rated at 100,000 hours for continuous use.
Turn signal SMD bulbs will require the use of a "Load Equalizer" in order to prevent "rapid-flash".
If using this bulb in brake light, reverse light, running light, etc you will not need to add a load equalizer.
SMDs increase safety when used in tail lights because they illuminate faster than incandescent bulbs.

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