ORACLE 22" V2 LED Scanner - RGB ColorSHIFT

  • $79.00

ORACLE 22" V2 LED Scanner - RGB ColorSHIFT

V2.0 Scanner is a 22" long Scanner Containing 48 Amazingly Bright Super-Flux LEDs!

ORACLE Model # ORACLE Part # Color
V2-SCAN22-RGB 4401-333 ColorSHIFT

- The Wireless Remote Gives you Complete Control of this Scanner, see the video below for a demonstration.

- EASY installation, just connect power and ground! The rest is done for you.

- This RGB model can produce 7 popular colors and over 20 LED Functions, producing over 150 amazing lighting effects!

*The Dynamic Scanner is a universal scanner.
**Modifications will need to be made prior to fitting to certain vehicles. 1 Year Warranty for Manufacturer defects.

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