ORACLE 1157 SMD 30 SMD Bulb (Single) - Cool White

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ORACLE 1157 SMD 30 SMD Bulb (Single) - Cool White

These bulbs use BridgeLux Premium LEDs made in the USA. ORACLE "Spider" LED bulbs features spring-loaded arms that expand once the bulb is inserted into the light housing. This feature allows you to install a bulb with more LEDs into a light than ever before. Each of the 5 arms contains 6 powerful LEDs giving you a total of 30 LEDs per spider bulb. These Spider LED bulbs utilize ORACLE 3528 LEDs which consume only 1/10th of the power of the factory bulb and put out no heat. These high-flux LEDs are rated at 100,000 hours for continuous use. Turn Signal LED bulbs will require the use of a "Load Equalizer" in order to prevent "rapid-flash". If using this bulb in brake light, reverse light, running light, etc you will not need to add a load equalizer. LEDs increase safety when used in tail lights because they illuminate faster than incandescent bulbs.

ORACLE Model # ORACLE Part # Color
1157SPIDER 5108-001 Cool White

Product Features:
- Super bright spider LED technology
- ORACLE lifetime LED warranty
- 180 degree wide viewing angle
- This has 100,000 hours lifetime rating
- Commonly used in turn signal, brake light, running light
- Package Contents - x1 (One) SMD Bulb.

Bulb folds closed to allow fitment into the housing and is spring loaded to open once inserted.

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