40W Dual LED Telescopic Light

40W Dual LED Telescopic Light
  • $199.95

40W Dual LED Telescopic Light

LED Shop lights have many advantages over traditional halogen work lights. The LED versions are 10x as efficient as halogen, this means a 20W LED light would be equivalent to a 200W Halogen, that is some serious energy savings! LED work lights also put out no heat which makes for a much more comfortable working environment. Halogen work lamps are known for being fragile, if you were to drop a halogen lamp it would no longer work while LED work lights are completely shock-proof. Halogen lamps will burst if splashed with water while heated, these LED units are waterproof and can even be used in the rain.

ORACLE Model # ORACLE Part # Color
ORAWL-D-20W 9017-001 White

LED Shop Light Advantages:

  • High efficiency eco-friendly Bridgelux LEDs only consume 1/10th the power of a traditional halogen lamp. 
  • LED lamps do not put out any heat while halogen get so hot that they can actually burn and cause injury. 
  • Bridgelux LEDs are rated at 50,000 hours of continuous use, that is 8x longer than a standard halogen bulb. 
  • ORACLE Shop Lights feature premium Bridgelux LEDs which are powerful, high quality chips MADE IN THE USA! 
  • These Solid-State lights are shockproof and will not go out if jarred or vibrated like a halogen bulb would. 
  • ORACLE LED Shop Light housings are rated for outdoor use and can be used in wet, rainy, or snowy conditions.