2015+ Dodge Charger ORACLE ColorSHIFT DRL Headlight Conversion Kit

  • $249.95

Featuring the new Cree 10W RGBW Enhanced optical Power LED (ThinFilm / ThinGaN) luminaire package for enhanced light output! 

This new kit allows you to utilize the existing perimeter DRL feature on the new Dodge Charger and covert it to a Color-Changing DRL. This ColorSHIFT Light is controlled by one of our RGB wireless remote systems to produce any color the user wishes. Depending on the controller option selected; the lights can make hundreds of different colors, dozens of patterns, control the brightness, and even the speed of the functions as well! The new RGB-W chip allows for truer white tones and a crisp white DRL color option. 

2394-504 ColorSHIFT - Simple
2394-330 ColorSHIFT
2394-333 ColorSHIFT 2.0
2394-331 ColorSHIFT - WiFi


Kit includes the following:
- (6) ColorSHIFT® Replacement RGBW PCB Circuit Boards.
- (2) ORACLE LED Drivers for Optimized performance and Reliability.
- (1) ColorSHIFT® Control Box (3 models to Choose from!)

Installation is relatively simple, you will remove the factory DRL LED Circuit Boards and Install the ORACLE ColorSHIFT® Circuit Boards in their place. Detailed installation instructions are included with the kit.