2014-2015 Chevy Illuminated LED Rear Bowtie Emblem

  • $145.00


2014-2015 Chevy Camaro Illuminated Bowtie

NOTE: This item is built-to-order which means there is a processing time of up to 7 days to have your item built and shipped.

Dual Intensity Option enables your custom badge to operate as both a running light and a brake light!

Dual Intensity Circuit not available on the ColorSHIFT Bowtie option.

The color shift option must be used in conjunction with one of our ColorSHIFT Controllers.(not included)

Package Includes the following all assembled and ready to install!
- OEM Chevy Badge

- Clear Acrylic Insert

Single Intensity 3057-001 White
Single Intensity 3057-002 Blue
Single Intensity 3057-003 Red
Single Intensity 3057-004 Green
Single Intensity 3057-005 Amber
Single Intensity 3057-006 Yellow
Single Intensity 3057-007 UV/Purple
Single Intensity 3057-009 Pink
Single Intensity 3057-010 Aqua
Single Intensity 3057-333 ColorSHIFT


Dual Intensity 3157-001 White
Dual Intensity 3157-002 Blue
Dual Intensity 3157-003 Red
Dual Intensity 3157-004 Green
Dual Intensity 3157-005 Amber
Dual Intensity 3157-006 Yellow
Dual Intensity 3157-007 UV/Purple
Dual Intensity 3157-009 Pink
Dual Intensity 3157-010 Aqua


Installation Instructions:
1) Remove Old Badge (detailed in included instructions)
2) Route Wires Through Factory Hole in the Trunk lid

- (2011 model does not have the factory hole pre-drilled)
3) Remove Self-Adhesive backing and stick to Trunk lid
4) Connect Wires to Parking Lights as per Instructions

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